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Jenni is the Founder of Leading With Light™ï¸ and has been a teacher, mentor, and leader for over 19 wonderful years. Jenni is a Master Reiki Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Certified Soul Realignment ®ï¸ Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, and Certified in Past Life Regression Hypnosis

In her full-time Reiki, Coaching, and Soul Transformation work, Jenni focuses on helping everyone see, feel, and experience their gifts (or super-powers!) and to put them into use by healing their body, mind, spirit, and soul. 

This Reiki Practitioner course was designed to be interactive, comprehensive, and most importantly easy to understand. 

"I designed this course the way that I wish my teachers would've taught me- with the understanding that it's A LOT of information to absorb all at once. I wish I would've had access to videos, recordings, and the instructor afterwards in order to ask practical questions. So that's what I did for you!

You get access to me in class for 6 weeks and are still able to ask questions afterwards. You will have a BUNCH of videos, lectures, useful downloads, consent forms, a business checklist, a printed manual sent to your home. and SO much more. You have access to the course material for life. But most importantly, you will have a community, a tribe, and a leader in me- because I truly want to see you be successful and transform your life with the wonderful gift of Reiki!" 

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In this course you'll learn:


The Foundations & Principles of Reiki

The history of Reiki

Using Reiki as a tool for healing

Tapping into and using life force energy

How to perform self-treatments

Understanding the human body, including chakra's and basic anatomy

Using your intuition


Reiki Treatment

How to perform Reiki

Using the Reiki symbols

Animal Reiki & communication

Palliative Care, Pregnancy, Children, and Babies

Distance Reiki

Reiki in the past, present, and future

Manifesting your goals with Reiki

Problem-solving with Reiki


Starting your Practice

Client expectations

Setting up your environment/office

Sample Intake & Consent forms

Reiki Business Checklist 🗒

COVID-19 Business Precautions & Consent Form

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This course has everything you need!


In just 6 weeks, you will have all of the information and knowledge you need to practice Reiki, both on yourself, animals, and other people, confidently and competently.

You also have access to the growing Reiki Practitioner Community Facebook group where you can connect with and ask questions


Also Included:

✔️ BONUS: Instruction & practical applications via a live weekly training session 
✔️ BONUS: Chakra E-Book ($23 value)  
✔️ BONUS: Printed Manual sent to your home!  ($40 value)


✔️ BONUS: Downloadable Watercolor Reiki Precepts Poster ($20 value)  


After completing this course

you will have

  • 2 Reiki Attunements (Level 1 & Level 2) 
  • 6 weekly hour-long instructor-led "live" video calls
  • An official Reiki Practitioner Certificate
  • All the tools and instruction needed to start your own practice (even if it's just for friends and family)
  • 6+ hours of online video lessons
  • Access to Jenni Payne to ask questions- during and after class is over
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There is an hour-long instructor-led training session every Thursday at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern. Attendance is mandatory in order to receive your attunement(s) and to receive your certificate.

Trainings last for 6 weeks.

If you have an emergency and can't attend, you will need to make up your training session the following month.

If you are interested in only taking the online portion without instructor-led trainings, please email [email protected] 



1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Week 1: Feb 5th 

Week 2: Feb 12th

Week 3: Feb 19th

Week 4: Feb 26th

Week 5: Mar 5th

Week 6: Mar 12th

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Time to get vulnerable.

I've had sadness, grief, guilt, shame, physically debilitating pain, autoimmune diseases, self-criticism, depression, anger, surgery after surgery, anxiety, uncontrolled stress, and fear (just to name a few). And, I've always been a 'healer' (although haven't always used that term).

You could say that I've learned the path to healing the 'hard' way!

But... through hardship comes transformation.

How did I transform my life? Through Reiki and learning to heal my own body, mind, and spirit. And when you heal yourself, you heal the world!

I am a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified in Soul Realignment®ï¸, Certified in Crystal Healing, and Certified in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. I have been a Registered Nurse for 19 yrs & have my MBA. I also practice The Emotion Code® and Intuitive Energy medicine. 

So what does all that mean for you? 

It means that I can assist you on your own healing journey and on becoming a Reiki Practitioner with lots of tools in my toolkit!

I'm SO looking forward to being your mentor, your leader in this amazing journey, and most importantly your cheerleader! 

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