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This course is for you if you...

Want to learn all about the Chakra System

Are interested in self-healing methods

Want to balance your physical & energy body

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In this course you'll learn:



The Fundamentals of the Chakra System


What is a chakra?

The human energy field

Connecting the physical & energy body

Understanding the physical body and basic anatomy

How thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can turn to imbalance




7 Main Chakra's




Life lesson

Body parts

Possible cause(s) of blockage

Physical symptoms of disharmony

Mental & emotional issues

Under/Overactive symptoms




Self-Healing Techniques


Essential oils


Foods that balance


Musical notes

How to activate each chakra

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This course has everything you need!


In this self-paced course you will learn all about the Main Chakra system, how to identify imbalances, and how to use different healing techniques to balance and activate each chakra.

You will also have access to the growing Private Facebook group where you can connect with and ask questions


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Also Included:

✔️ BONUS: 9 Minute Guided Meditations for each Chakra


✔️ BONUS: Chakra E-Book ($23 value)  


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A Note From Jenni...


Time to get vulnerable.

I've had sadness, grief, guilt, shame, physically debilitating pain, autoimmune diseases, self-criticism, depression, anger, surgery after surgery, anxiety, uncontrolled stress, and fear (just to name a few). And, I've always been a 'healer' (although haven't always used that term).

You could say that I've learned the path to healing the 'hard' way!

But... through hardship comes transformation.

How did I transform my life? Through Reiki and learning to heal my own body, mind, and spirit. And when you heal yourself, you heal the world!

I am a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified in Soul Realignment®️, Certified in Crystal Healing, and Certified in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. I have been a Registered Nurse for 19 yrs & have my MBA. I also practice The Emotion Code® and Intuitive Energy medicine. 

So what does all that mean for you? 

It means that I can assist you on your own healing journey and on becoming a a whiz at the Chakra system and self-healing techniques with lots of tools in my toolkit!

I'm SO looking forward to being your mentor, your leader in this amazing journey, and most importantly your cheerleader!